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Bad Journal Entries

Important Dates

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Save time and money with the  paperless office and e-mailing functions!
What if your accounting software could alert you automatically when your best customer stopped ordering from you?

Is your data safe?  Ask us about Carbonite for secure, automated offset backup.

Is your data safe?  Ask us about           automated backup.

Is your data safe?  Ask us bout

  for secure offsite

           automated backu

Sage 100 2019 is here!

- Auto-Complete lookups for general ledger accounts and payroll employees

-Enhanced formatting for paperless office e-mails

- Consolidation of paperless office journals in general ledger

- And more!

Sage 100 Version 2018 is here!

Major upgrade of the payroll module with many of the most requested features by end users!

Sage 100 Version 2017 is here!. 

- Extended Auto Complete Lookups (100c only)

- ACH payments (with Sage Payment Solutions)

 - and more!


Enhancement in 2016 include:


- Enhanced menu system  (100c only)

- Font scaling (100c only)

- Transfer of documents between batches

 - and more!


Enhancement in 2015 include:


- Purchase order history inquiry

- Auto reverse journal entries

- Longer vendor names

 - and more!


Enhancements in 2014 include:


   - Lookups with auto-complete suggestions

 - Sage Intelligence imbedded in Sage 100

 - And More

Let us show you the ropes to get the most out of your  Sage 100  accounting software  investment!

Over the years, we have found that many users of Sage 100 don’t use the full potential of the software to make their business run more efficiently.  To this end, we are always alert for features that you may not be aware of to improve the efficiency of your every day work.  This includes reviewing new features of the software when new upgrades are installed.   This can give you more time to work on other aspects of your business or maybe just relax and go sailing.

On the other side, we always try to listen.  We are  not afraid to admit that  we learn  creative ways to use Sage 100  from you.  Every business is a little different and the ability to customize Sage  ERP to your business needs is important.

Wherever possible we try to educate you to become more self sufficient, however, if you decide that there are things you just don’t want to attempt yourself we are always ready to assist.


Sage Knowledgesync.

Sage Knowledgesync in conjunction with your existing accounting software (and other software) can alert you to the issues in your business that require your immediate attention.  Teach Knowledgesync what to look for and it can send you an e-mail,  fax you, page you when your business needs attention.  No more printing out those reports and scanning them looking for the exception!

Some simple ideas that can help your business be more profitable.

-  Your customer is getting behind on paying.

-  Notification of all new orders over $10,000.

-  Notification of orders that are past or approaching  their promised shipping date.

-  Automatically print and e-mail sales reports to your salesman.

-  Which customers sales haved dropped by more than 50% in the last three months.

Call now and find out how Sage Knowledgesync can help your business be more profitable.

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