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Sage 100 Helpful Hints


Getting a new server, workstation, operating system?

Make sure that your software is compatible before you do it.  Trying to run your software on a platform that is not officially compatible may work, but it may not.  If it does not, you may not get much help from the software manufacturer and it could be an expensive problem.

Check on the Sage website or with your Sage partner



Ever wanted to print that general ledger detail report for a couple of account that were not consecutive?  Maybe you wanted your fixed assets, accumulated depreciation, depreciation expense and gain or loss on disposal accounts.  So you ran the report 4 times.

Select the operand "Equal to" and then type in the account numbers that you want separated by commas.   Sorry, you can't use the look up if you have multiple accounts.

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Don't forget to install product updates when you install version upgrade. These updates include important patches and enhancements to the software between CD releases. Sage Support website.

You should periodically check for the latest service update in between upgrades as well.  If you have third party modifications,  do make sure that they are compatible with the lasted product update.

In addition,  make sure you back up your Sage 100 install before applying product updates just in case the unexpected happens.

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Did you know you can print MICR checks from MAS 90? With the MICR checks capability you can use blank check stock and print multiple companies checks to the same stock and never have to worry about loading and unloading different checks.

What you need
1. Blank check stock
2. A laser printer
3. MICR toner cartridge for your laser printer
4. Adobe Font for MICR characters (less than $100)
5. Crystal Reports loaded on your workstation to do any modifications necessary to your check format

What to do:

1. Load the Adobe MICR font on the computer that will be used to print the checks.

2. Make sure that graphical checks are enabled in the module you wish to print from (AP / PR). This is usually in the setup options window on the last tab.

3. In bank code setup click on the MICR button. Enter all the requested information.

4. Be sure your laser printer has the MICR toner cartridge inserted.

5. Print!

6. Be sure to take a test check down to your bank and make sure that the MICR encoding is readable. The MICR readers are sensitive to the exact positioning of the MICR characters.

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Ever had your bank reconciliation work out perfectly, but when you compare to your general ledger you find that the general ledger indicates a different balance?

 Click here to download Tips and Tricks for Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation

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Not keeping your purchase order clearing account reconciled can lead to nightmares. Try this list of tips.

 Click here to download Tips and Tricks for Sage 100 Purchase Order

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Ever been frustrated with trying to reconcile that purchases clearing account in your general ledger? If so, you know that the purchase orders module's purchases clearing report only gives you the detail as of right now. You can't go back and ask for what was in it on December 31 and your accountant wants to know what the balance consists of!

Wouldn't it be much nicer if there wasn't any balance in the general ledger account at the end of the month?

The purchases clearing account is really just accounts payable for which you have not received a bill yet. In other words you have done a receipt of goods but don't have the invoice. You have the goods and you owe your vendor something, you just don't know exactly what. When the bill finally comes in, you enter it in with receipt of invoice and the purchases clearing account zeros out.

Make sure that when you do a receipt of goods without an invoice, that when you later do the receipt of invoice that you post to the same G/L date as when you did the receipt of goods. The invoice should really be recorded at the date the goods were received, not when the invoice was received.

This should make the G/L balance of purchases clearing -0- at the end of a given month once all invoices have been entered.

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